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Finding the next customer alphabetically

I have a simple business requirement. Our users want to be able to click a button and have it take them to the next customer, alphabetically. So I know the current customer's name. What is the most efficient SQL I can write that gets me only the NEXT customer, alphabetically, by name? Somehow

Select * 
  from Customer
 where name > 'currentname'
order by name

and then picking off the first row doesn't seem right to me. There are 100,000+ customers in the database. All help appreciated!

You're right, returning thousands of records just to pick off the first one is grossly inefficient. You need to return just one.

If you're using SQL/Server or Access, you can use the TOP keyword --

select top 1 * 
  from Customer
 where name > 'currentname'
order by name

If you're running MySQL, use LIMIT instead of TOP --

select * 
  from Customer
 where name > 'currentname'
order by name
 limit 1

With TOP or LIMIT, the optimizer should be smart enough simply to retrieve the desired record directly, assuming there's an index on the name. That's quite important, because without that index, the entire table will have to be scanned and all higher names sorted. And that's inefficient, even if it returns only one record.

If your database does not support TOP or LIMIT, try --

select * 
  from Customer
 where name =
       ( select min(name)
           from Customer
          where name > 'currentname' )

This also returns just one record, but again, it will be efficient only if that index on name has been declared.

By the way, none of the above solutions will return anything if you happen to be sitting on the highest name in the table. You'll need to take care of this situation in your application, perhaps by "greying out" or inactivating the Next button or link.

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