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Finding inserted/deleted records

I want to know which records have been modified (i.e. inserts/updates, etc.) by my session.

I have set the AUDIT_TRAIL parameter to TRUE. So I get the tables that have been modified by my session in the sys.aud$ table. But I cannot find the information to which records have been inserted/deleted from those tables. Is there anyway that I can get this information like the rowid's of the rows inserted, etc. This information will be very useful to me.
Probably the best way to get this information is to mine your redo logs. With Oracle's Log Miner utility, you can get exactly the information that was modified. Please have a look at it in the Oracle documentation.

Oracle's auditing is also good, but it can leave you short of some information that you seek. Another alternative that people employ is to implement triggers on the tables in question. Have a BEFORE INSERT or BEFORE DELETE trigger log all of the relevant information into a database table. You can review this information at any time.

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