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Finding information on ETL tools

Where can I find the information on Oracle Warehouse Builder, Ab Initio and Data Stage ETL tools?

Searching for information about ETL products is sometimes a hit and miss proposal. Some vendors do a very good job of providing some very detailed information, while others leave you asking what does a product actually do.

Generally your search for information about ETL products will start with the individual product Web site. Some companies will provide a plethora of information and may even include a demo version. For example you ask specifically about the Oracle Warehouse Builder (OWB) product. There are many places to find information about OWB. You may start with the Web site, which provides some solid marketing information. If you wish to look at OWB at a more technical level then you can go to http://otn.oracle.com. This site provides you with a demo version of the product, as well as documentation and technical white papers. If you are looking for information on Ab Initio, you will start your journey at http://www.abinitio.com. This Web site provides you with little information about the product, so I would then direct you to contact the company itself for additional information. Finally you asked about Data Stage. To view product information and some literature you can look at http://ascentialsoftware.com/. As well, you may want to look at product evaluations and reviews provided by groups like Gartner and Gigi for independent views on the products. There is usually a cost associated with these sites, but it may be a small investment for an important decision.

So when looking for information on ETL products I would direct you to the individual vendor Web sites, and then you can contact each vendor for more detailed information as well as to set up demos to pilot projects. Finally, you should take advantage of the various communities, such as this Web site and the other data warehouse communities to discover the information that you need.

I hope that this helps you find the information that one would need when starting your investigation into the various ETL products available today.


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