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"Failed to request gap sequence" error with switchover

When I try to do dataguard switchover I get an error message that says "Failed to request gap sequence."

When I do dataguard switchover and issue the following command:
 SQL>alter database commit to switchover to primary;
The system doesn't respond. I checked the alert file and found the following error message. Could you please tell me how to fix it?
 Fri Apr 22 16:55:52 2007 Completed: alter database recover managed standby database di Fri Apr 20 16:56:07 2007 Failed to request gap sequence. Thread #: 1, gap sequence: 4-39 All FAL server has been attempted. Fri Apr 22 16:56:38 2007 alter database commit to switchover to primary Fri Apr 22 16:56:38 2007 ALTER DATABASE COMMIT TO SWITCHOVER TO PRIMARY

Right after you initiate the "recover managed standby database disconnect" command, your standby database is attempting to resolve the gap sequence between the time of the backup used to create the standby and the current archivelog according to the controlfile of the primary database. This is fine, but notice that you immediately receive an error saying "Failed to request gap sequence." It is very likely that the archivelog on the production server (that contains the thread #1 node) has been moved or compressed, so the primary database cannot find it to complete the request.

Check the alert log of the primary database. This will provide details on what is going on, most likely in a trace file created on the primary server. If it is indeed a matter of the archivelog being moved, either move it back to the original location on the primary server or register a copy on the standby server (ALTER DATABASE REGISTER LOGFILE 'file_name').

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