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FRM-10142 error trying to demo forms locally

I've installed 9i Enterprise Edition and 9i DS on my PC for practice. I've designed a form and got FRM-10142 "The...

HTTP Listener.." error at runtime. I found help on changing the sqlnet.ora to sqlnet.old, then at run a wizard prompted me to set up an Internet connection. I don't want any connections, so I selected the option to connect via LAN just to appease the wizard. Now the form run says "The Web page you request is not available offline"! I'm very green at this. I just want to demo some forms locally. Any pointers or reference materials you suggest? Thanks.

I think you started fighting an issue with the Oracle client setup, but then switched to having a problem with Windows and IE. The Internet connection wizard in Windows has nothing to do with your Oracle configuration. Things will be easier for you if you have a working network connection before attempting to run network related tools like IE.

Personally, I've had much easier time configuring Oracle products on Linux than on Windows, so if you have an Intel system (which you do), I'd install Linux and try that. Sounds drastic, but if you're playing around and trying to learn Forms, then maybe you should consider learning Linux too! :)

This was last published in August 2004

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