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Extracting processes taking longer and longer

I have an Oracle 8.05 question. I'm extracting data from about 15 different servers and loading the data into a Red Brick Warehouse. I have noticed that the extraction times are increasing. I know the volumes have increased, but the extracts are running from 5 minutes into the 2 hour mark. I have noticed that the connection speed is really slow. I got a Conneciton Channel error. I think it is the network that is slowing down everything. How can we solve this problem? Any tips or tricks?

The biggest reason why extract processes take longer and longer is that they are extracting more and more data. This happens when one doesn't archive, or otherwise remove, data once in a while.

The next thing to look at is the SQL statements used to extract data. Have they been tuned? Are they using indexes if appropriate?

It could be a network problem, but that is not high up on the list as a potential culprit.

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