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Extracting data from 30 tables using a join condition

I am extracting the data interface from Oracle SQL tables into flat files. I started writing code in one select statement to select multiple fields from multiple tables with a join condition. I am extracting the data from 30 tables, so I made 29 join conditions in the 'where' clause. When I execute the entire SQL code, I am getting one cartesian in the output. What do I do to avoid the cartesian, because I am anable to check the condition in the entire bulk of the code.
Can you send me the query so that I can tell you which condition you are missing that is making your query a cartesian product? Do you need to use all 30 tables? Can you tell me what the format is for the flat file and how they relate to the columns from the 30 tables? It is very difficult to answer the question without more specifics.

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