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Exporting table in a ebcdic character set and comp-3 format

Can you tell me how to export a table to a text file in ebcdic character set and numeric columns in comp-3 format?

Oracle will export in the character set given by user's session environment variable NLS_LANG. But the problem is, if your nls_lang is not the same or superset of the database character set, you will or may lose certains types of characters. So, the answer is to check the NLS_LANG variable and make sure the character sets in use by your session and by the database are related. If not, change the NLS_LANG variable for your session.

See the Oracle Utilities Guide for more information.

I don't specifically know if export/import can handle comp-3 but I can't find anything to confirm that it does, so I'd say that it does not. I do know you can write a Pro*Cobol program and pass data from a number column to an indicator variable of type comp-3. Using a Pro*Cobol program may be an alternative way to write your own export/import.

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