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Exporting a stored procedure/function/package

How do you export a stored procedure/function/package? Is it possible?

Yes, it is possible. But unfortunately, there is no export parameter like TABLE for procedures/function/packages. It would be nice to have a parameter for export like 'FUNCTION=my_function'.

The main reason that this parameter doesn't exist is that many people just reverse engineer the proc/fn/pkg definition. There are many scripts out on the Web to reverse engineer the SQL statements to re-generate the proc/fn/pkg. There is no data involved with these objects, so no real export is necessary. Also, Oracle 9i has the DBMS_METADATA package to reverse engineer objects for you.

If you do need to use export for proc/fn/pkg exports, your only option is a FULL export. Use the ROWS=N parameter so that no data is exported. You'll get all database objects this way! You can use the SHOW=Y parameter on import to see the SQL statements for a proc/fn/pkg.

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