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Export problem migrating from 8.1.7 to

I am migrating from 8.1.7 to, and I am having a problem with export and tables with multiple nested tables containing objects. I can export and import in 8.1.7, but the export from only contains the create statements for the first nested table and the object it contains. I suspect something with my database setup because nobody else seems to be having this problem. Frankly, I'm stumped at this point. I've verified the problem on different servers (Windows 2002) and different instances. I also verified that the missing create statements were nowhere in the dump file, so it's not a create 'out of order' problem.
If I recall correctly, the 8i export utility does not handle nested tables very well. For this reason, you probably won't be able to use the export/import method of migrating to your new version. Have you tried to upgrade with the DBCA? If you are moving to a new server, I would recommend migrating to the new version with the DBCA, then using export/import to move the database.

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