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Examining mobile applications for J.D. Edwards

Oracle recently announced some new mobile apps for J.D. Edwards. Expert Al Marmero talks about their benefits and potential drawbacks.

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Oracle recently came out with some new mobile applications for J.D. Edwards. What do you see as the pluses and minuses of using mobile apps for JDE?

Recent studies have revealed that more than 80% of downloaded apps are deleted by users because of non-use  and unmet expectations.  With the wide variety of apps available, and with many of them being free, most of us suffer from “app overload.”  I am convinced that we are more inclined to pay for applications that can demonstrate an immediate return on investment and, of course, those that can make our day more productive.

There are useful mobile apps that can restore our faith in technology. Good examples are the JDE Mobile applications for requisitions, purchase orders and sales order inquiries from Oracle. These are now available after the introduction of their predecessors last year such as the JDE web apps, tablet apps and a few others. These mobile apps complete the already impressive array of tools from Oracle for the manager on the go.

There are many pluses to these mobile applications. First, they are available on iPhone, Blackberry and Android.  They’re also applications that are typically easy to use and  deliver very focused information.  

What are the minuses?  There are a few.  If you have ever tried to respond to a business email on your iPhone you know how awkward it can be to try to perform complex operations on a small device.  However, if you possess patience, dexterity, and agility, you will agree that Oracle has hit the sweet spot with these applications, and the pluses enable us to keep business moving as quickly and respond immediately to our business demands.  You can approve purchase order requisitions, inquire on product prices, item availability and approve a purchase order all very easily using your mobile device, and much more functionality is available to make you productive on demand from anywhere in the world. 

An additional negative is that the user interface sometimes appears busy to the eye and difficult to use, but I do believe that over time Oracle will simplify and improve these applications while offering more user-friendly functionality.  On the plus side,  being in the early adopter category of users will enable you to provide more value to management, as well as your customers and employees, thereby extending your immediate value to your organization and your career.  This is the ultimate return on investment that we all seek from the many hours we spend using our mobile devices each week.

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