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Errors on attempting to apply patch

I attempted to apply a patch and got the error, "There are no patches that need to be applied from the patchset Oracle 9iR2 patch set" I checked your posting from Oct 18, 2004, you said it is because there is no database installed. But after I installed Oracle 9i (, I do see DEMO database available in the Database Configuration Assistant. I have been working on this issue for 4 days, so I hope you can help me with it.

This error can happen in any of the following cases:

  • when the installed software inventory is not updated (which can happen if you copied the ORACLE_HOME binaries from another node)
  • when you have installed the 32-bit version of the software, but have the 64-bit patchset (or vice versa)
  • when you choose the wrong ORACLE_HOME as your destination on one of the first screens of the installer for the patch set
  • when the installed software inventory has become corrupted (removed, altered in a bad way by another install, etc.)

Unless one of these matches your situation and you know how to resolve the issue (like downloading the proper patch set version), then you may need to reinstall the software so that your inventory is updated properly. The best way to verify that the inventory is readable and contains what you think it does is to use the installer and click the "Installed Products" button on the first screen of the installer to view the installed products. There, you can verify which ORACLE_HOME you should be installing your patchset into.

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