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Errors during reboot

I have installed Oracle9i version on Windows 2000 Server SP4. All is (was) OK. I had to reboot this machine, but when I tried to connect to the database (both using Oracle Enterprise Manager and SQL*Plus tools). I got the errors:


I have already applied the following solutions:

1) Check tnsnames.ora and sqlnet.ora
2) Start and stop manual the database instance service (it is set to start automatically) with and without reboot the machine
3) Set the Oracle SID using the command set ORACLE_SID =
4) Launched the commands c:> oradim -delete -sid and then c:> oradim -new -sid -startmode auto -pfile
5)The shared pool size was set to (about) 50 MB. I tried to put to 100 MB.

I have checked the file oracleadminibisbdumpalert_ .log and the last row is the following: Thu Apr 22 16:22:23 2004 found dead shared server 'S004', pid = (16, 130)

Is there any possibility of recovering from this situation?
I would try disabling the shared server architecture completely since that's clearly the cause of your error. It is always possible that fixing one problem will cause another problem to appear, but that's all part of the joy of troubleshooting.

To disable the shared servers, set the initialization parameter shared_servers = 0. I would also make sure that the parameter dispatchers is not set (it has no default) to anything. These two parameters are responsible for configuring the shared server architecture in Oracle. Disabling them should cause your immediate error to disappear.

I should mention that "Check tnsnames.ora and sqlnet.ora" is unclear and that the only way you can be sure that those files contain no errors is if you created/modified them with the net assistant. It should be noted that neither of these files is mandatory and so simply removing them is a good step in troubleshooting any network-related issue until you can rule them out as part of the problem.

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