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Errors during Oracle 10g installation and patch application

I keep getting errors during the process of installing Oracle and applying the critical patches.

I have been trying to do the following all afternoon:
  • Install
  • Install timezonepatch required prior to installing patchset
  • Install patchset
  • Install the April 2007 critical patch for
However, I keep getting strange errors when I am in the process of installing and it prompts me to run two scripts, orainstRoot.sh and root.sh as the user root. After I run the scripts and click okay I get an error, "OUI-10058: The OUI Inventory on this system does not exist or is not writable. 1-the /opt/oracle/oraInventory/orainstRoot.sh script was not executed with root privileges, or an error occurred during execution; 2-You are not a member of the specified installer group."

So I run it again and click okay and then everything appears fine. The screen says installation successful. Then I try to install the patchset and I get another error saying that the oraInventory has files in it and can't be written to and that I have to choose another directory. The first time I ran into this problem I chose a different directory. However, when I tried to apply the latest critical patch, Apr 2007, I got an error regarding the orainst.loc. So I blew away that installation. The second time this happened I deleted the contents from the oraInventory directory and it completed the installation. But when I ran the Apr 2007 script I had the same error. I don't know how to fix this.

This is a permissions issue with the inventory. A new inventory was created with the initial installation of Oacle but it has not been registered yet preventing you from applying further patches and patch sets.

You will probably want to delete the installation and inventory (as well as the oraInst.loc file which is located in either /etc or /var/opt/oracle depending on the operating system). Ensure that the umask setting for the oracle user is set to 0022. This means permissions for directories will be 755 and for files it will be 644. Install and run the orainstRoot.sh as root … do not sudo to root and run the script. After running the script, check the permissions of the oraInst.loc file. The permissions should be as follows:

ls -l /etc/oraInst.loc 
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 61 Apr 23 02:15 /etc/oraInst.loc
You should now be able to apply any subsequent patches and patch sets.

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