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Errors after running out of storage in archivelog mode

I was in archivelog mode, and because of a lack of storage on the server where Oracle is running and logs are created, the system suddenly crashed. I restarted the server machine, then I decided to change the path of redo logs from EM->Configuration->recovery to another place on the server. But I got errors. Finally, I just forced Oracle into nonarchivelog mode. Anything else I could do?

Your Archive Log destination must have room for archived redo logs or else the database will stop processing transactions. You only need to keep the archived redo logs since your last backup. So it is highly possible that you can remove some old archived redo logs to free up space. That is the first thing I would check.

To change your Archive Log destination, you need to modify your LOG_ARCHIVE_DEST parameter in your INIT.ORA and bounce the database. Newly archived redo logs will be in this new location.

I would not recommend placing the database in NoArchive mode. Doing so would reduce your backup, and more importantly, your recovery options.

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