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Error with tnsping test

I have two Oracle databases, one located in my PC named test, the other located on the server named mydb. Normally, when I use "tnsping test" and "tnsping mydb" at both PC and server, the results I get are ok. One day, the server was down due to a power supply problem, and when it restarted again, I only had to issue "startup open" to startup the database, and it seemed to work well. But at the server, when I issued "tnsping test" to ping the database at my PC) and "tnsping mydb" (to ping itself), the following error occured:

 [oracle@thunghiem oracle]$ tnsping test
 TNS Ping Utility for Linux: Version -
 Production on 16-OCT-2002
 Copyright (c) 1997 Oracle Corporation.  All rights
 Segmentation fault /
On the contrary, when I tnsping from my PC to the server, the result is ok! Could you please guide me to the solution?

When your server crashed, it is possible that some library files or executables became corrupt. Did you run a file system check after the server was rebooted? It sounds like you might want to reinstall the Oracle software and recompile the binary executables. This should fix your segmentation fault problem.

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