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Error with public database link

I have two databases, one located on my PC and the other located at the fileserver with logical name 'ware.' This logical name is defined on the TNSNAMES address list. I want to retrieve data from the database located at the fileserver, and to do that, I took the following steps:

create public database link ware connect to myuser
identified by mypassword
Using 'ware'; this was done on my PC, and I got 'database link created.' Then I issued the SQL statement 'select sysdate from dual@ware;' for testing but I got an error saying 'database link ware connects to oracle.world'. Could you please guide me to the solution?

First, check to make sure that your TNS alias in TNSNAMES.ORA is working correctly. You can do this by issuing 'tnsping ware'. You should either see an error message or 'OK'.

If this works fine, then check your NAMES.DEFAULT_DOMAIN parameter in your server's SQLNET.ORA file. If not set, then this value defaults to 'world'. Note this value.

Then try to recreate your database link as follows:

create public database link ware connect to myuser
identified by mypassword using 'ware.world'; 
In the above statement, use your default domain if not ".world". Let me know how things work! If it is still not working, then send me the exact error message you get.

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