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Error with BRTOOLS

Oracle on SAP WEB AS 7.00 generates an ORA error when starting the BRTOOLS.

Oracle on SAP WEB AS 7.00 generates an ORA error when starting the BRTOOLS -U:
BR0801I BRCONNECT 7.00 (12)
BR0805I Start of BRCONNECT processing: 
cdsyaaih.chk 2006-06-29 13.15.35 BR0280I 
BRCONNECT time stamp: 2006-06-29 13.15.36 
BR0301E SQL error -1017 at location db_connect-2
ORA-01017: invalid username/password; logon denied 
BR0310E Connect to database instance CST failed
Please advise.
When attempting to connect to the specified database, either the user account does not exist or BRTOOLS is providing an incorrect password for that account. Try connecting to the specific database using another method (SQL*Plus, or a database tool such as Toad) to verify that you can connect successfully. If the user account you are attempting to use with BRTOOLS does not exist in the database, then you must create it first with the "create user xxx identified by xxx …" command. Click here for the syntax for this command.

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