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Error when updating table in Oracle 8i

Learn how to respond to an ORA-0600 error.

I'm unable to update table in Oracle 8i for Windows 2000. I'm getting error ORA-0600. Can you help?

The ORA-600 error is a generic error meaning that Oracle doesn't know what the error is. So this could come from many different problems. The most important piece of information is the code in the first set of brackets after ORA-00600. This narrows down the cause of the problem. Unfortunately, since the database doesn't know what the error is, and it issued a generic ORA-600 error instead, you will most likely have to consult Oracle Support to resolve the issue. If you have a support contract, go to Metalink and fill out a Tar on this issue. They can resolve it for you. If you lack MetaLink access, then your best bet is to do a Google search for "ORA", "600", and the first code in brackets. Hopefully, someone has had the same problem and has a resolution for you on the web.

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