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Error when trying to add a database

I have installed Oracle8i with DBA studio. The problem is that whenever I try to add the database tree to hierarchy it gives an error of something like "nlvln error 100 unable to parse tnsnames.ora". It is creating a lot of problems for us as no one can access this database from client. What should I do?

I haven't seen that particular error before and couldn't locate anything about it on Metalink. But, if the problem is that it is giving this error when you try to add a database from tnsnames.ora, why not try doing it manually instead and see if that will work? Here's what to do:

Add a database manually
You can add databases to the DBA Studio navigator tree by manually filling in the following fields:
SID: the database system identifier, usually the instance name, such as ORCL
Hostname: the machine or node name where the database is located
Port Number: the database listener port address, usually 1521 or 1526
Net Service Name: A name which uniquely identifies a database when connecting to a machine. It is usually the global database name. For example: ORCL.world.

Note: Adding a database manually automatically updates the local tnsnames.ora file located in your /network/admin directory.

Note: Currently only TCP/IP service names can be manually entered.

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