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Error when setting services to start automatically

I have a typical problem with one of my installations -- I have a very small production DB running on 8i (8.1.7). Since I have to choose the charachter set based on the regional settings, I have gone for a custom installation. As per the custom installation procedures, the Oracle services were not made to be automatic. I have made them automatic and after that, everytime I restart the server from the client side I get this error:
TNS Lost contact : no listener

To troubleshoot, I need to reconfigure my listener. Why is this happening?
Your question doesn't specify what services you set to automatically start (I presume your platform is Windows). The error you mention (TNS Lost contact: no listener) could be caused by your listener service not starting on your server at boot time. At a minimum, you should have your Oracle instance service set to start automatically (service name OracleServiceSID) and also will need to have your TNS listener service set to start automatically (service name OracleOraHome81TNSListener, or similar depending on your ORACLE_HOME name). I suspect that your listener service is not set to start automatically.

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