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Error using database link

I created a database link. When I compiled the procedure in which I used the database link, I got the following error:

ORA-04052 : error occured while looking up remote object
ORA-12640 : Authentication adapter initialization failed

Unfortunately, there is not enough information to figure out exactly what your problem is. So I'll give you some generic steps to take to help track down the problem further.

When you created the database link, you specified a TNS alias in the USING clause. Using this alias, see if you can connect the remote database with SQL*Plus. If you cannot, then fix the error that arises. Your problem has nothing to do with a db link. If that works, then try "SELECT sysdate FROM dual@link_name". That verifies that the link is working correctly. I think that you'll find that you can't connect with SQL*Plus either. There is probably a mismatch in the TNSNAMES.ORA, the remote database's LISTENER.ORA. Finally, check to see if your local SQLNET.ORA file has the following line:


If it does, comment it out and retry the operation.

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