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Error trying to rebuild index after cancelled transaction

One of the transactions took a longer time than normal, so the user terminated the session (ctrl+alt+del). Now the table has a ROW-X lock. The following are the details of the lock:

 OS User	:	rosemarie
 OS PID	:	396:482
 Oracle User	:	ROSEM
 Oracle ID	:	27
 Lock Type	:	DML
 Lock Held	:	Row-X (SX)
 Lock Requested	:	None
 Status	:	Not Blocking
 Object Owner	:	TOTALPLANT
 Object Name	:	CUS_PRODUCTS

We get the following errors on rebuilding an index on this table:

 alter index CUS_PRODUCT_IDX1 rebuild tablespace
 ERROR at line 1:
 ORA-00054: resource busy and acquire with NOWAIT

I thank you in advance for any help on this.

When the transaction was cancelled, the work that the transaction had done up to that point needed to be rolled back. The longer your transaction ran before cancelling, the longer it will most likely take to roll back completely. Until the transaction has rolled back, a DDL command like ALTER INDEX REBUILD will not be able to obtain the lock that it needs to complete. And this type of command won't wait for the lock to be released either. This is what the ORA-54 error message is telling you. By the time you get this response, your long running transaction should have rolled back. So your ALTER INDEX REBUILD statement should work just fine.

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