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Error trying to connect internal via SQL*Plus

When I try to connect/internal from svrmgrl, I get connected, but when I try to connect/internal via SQL*Plus I get an error: Explicit attach required before authenticating user. Why doe this error come up?

Logging in as internal is just a short way to log in as "SYS AS SYSDBA". Likely the problem is that you're not specifying the proper host string (net service name) when you try to connect via SQL*Plus. For instance, instead of just typing in CONNECT INTERNAL, you need to may need to type in CONNECT INTERNAL@mydb. If that still doesn't work, try logging into SQL*Plus as SYS with SYSDBA privileges (CONNECT SYS@mydb AS SYSDBA) and make sure you can log in that way.

I'm not sure of what else to suggest without more info on what version of Oracle you're running, what version of SQL*Plus, etc. but make sure of both of those things I mentioned and see if that helps!

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