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Error starting SQL*Plus after 9i install

I have just installed Oracle9i on Windows 98, but when I start SQL*Plus, I get the following errors:

ORA-01034: Oracle not available
ORA-27101: Shared memory realm doesn't exist.

I am new to Oracle and could not correctly follow the solutions provided on the Internet regarding the above errors. Hence, please write to me in detail as to how and where I should make necessary changes to get going.
Oracle9i is not supported on Windows 98. It is highly likely that no matter how long your work on resolving your errors, you will not be able to successfully start the database. Your error is telling you that the database is not started. The biggest reason why Oracle9i will not run on Windows 98 is that Oracle9i must run as a "service" on the Windows platform. Windows 98 does not have services. So Oracle won't start.

Your correct course of action is to upgrade your OS to one supported by Oracle9i. For the Windows platform, you can use Windows 2000 or Windows XP Professional and your Oracle9i database will run just fine.

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