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Error installing SAP 4.7 with Oracle 9.2.0

I'm installing SAP 4.7 on a Windows 2003 Server Enterprise operating system. The Oracle version installed is 9.2.0 (with patch During SAP database installation, the SAP installation GUI gives this error, "sqlplus.exe returned 972, Error when executing script", and is unable to proceed. When I manually try to execute SQL*Plus or SQL*PlusW I get the error, "TNS: no listener". I've verified that the TNS Listener service has been running all along (startup is automatic).

Following are Oracle log messages that I have culled:

  • cman:Error : error in seek operation of snmp_rw.ora file : error during seek on "fileaf2180": invalid argument
  • dbsnmp:NMS-00001: Warning: dbsnmp unable to connect to SNMP master agent
  • nmiconfig:Warning : Error while sourcing third party discovery file emddiscover.tcl : unable to get value "em_loc" from key "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESoftwareOracle": The system cannot find the file specified.
  • sqlnet:Fatal NI connect error 12631: Username retrieval failed

Please suggest what I should do to solve this problem.

I suggest you make sure that the TNS connect descriptor you're using is referencing the listener you are running. Make sure that "tnsping <service_name>" runs without errors before trying to access the database with SQL*Plus.

Work out the database issues first before moving on to an application install.

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