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Error installing Oracle Developer Suite on Windows 98

I have installed Oracle8i server on Windows 2000. Now I am trying to install the Oracle Developer Suite, including Forms 6i and Reports 6i, on my client machine that is Windows 98. While installing I am getting the following error:

jre11.ins[32]:FILE_NOT_FOUND while copying font.properties.ja

Does anyone know any solution to this problem? It is very urgent.

I believe there's a specific order in which you must perform the installations, but I'm not sure that's your problem here since the symptoms of an installation order problem are usually different. This looks like a language issue since it references a Japanese font issue (font.properties.ja). Try installing only English and see if that fixes your problem. If it installs fine under English, then maybe there's a bug or the products don't support the Japanese language without some patch or workaround. I haven't done any Japanese installs, so I can't help you much there.

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