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Error during database configuration

I have a Win 2K server setup with Oracle 9i installed, but no database was created. When I create a database through the database configuration assistant it stops at 49% and sends me an ORA-12638 error, "Credential retrieval failed." Installation then stops and I'm forced to try again, but each time I try I am faced with the same results. I'm told this is a simple fix, can you help me?
I have had other similar reports, but I've never seen this error first-hand. If I were faced with this problem, I would review the logfiles from the dbca (probably in c:oracleadmin create*.log) and see where the error is encountered. Since you mention that the error doesn't happen until almost half way through the progress, it isn't during the CREATE DATABASE statement, so it must be when adding an optional component. Determining which component is encountering this error will likely help diagnose the issue.

You might also consider using DBCA to generate the scripts for database creation for you. Then, run them yourself using a command prompt. That will also help point out exactly where the problem is happening. Searching Metalink or Google may help once you can narrow down which component is seeing this error.

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