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Error connecting to 10g on dual OS system

I have installed Red Hat Linux on a Windows 98 system. When I connect to SQL*Plus it is giving an error: "Net Service Name is incorrectly specified."

I have installed Red Hat Linux on a Windows 98 system as dual OS, i.e., I have 10 GB of space on my hard disk. I have installed Linux as well as Oracle10g in that space. The partitions are given as root 7 GB, for home 1.5, swap 1024, boot 110; the remaining space I have left blank. I have installed Oracle10g on Red Hat Linux Enterprise4. The database has been installed perfectly. When I connect to SQL*Plus it is giving an error. If I give sqlplus /nolog then it connects and shows sql>(prompt). Now I would like to connect any user like SCOTT or SYS or Connect /as sysdba. Then it gives me an error, "Net Service Name is incorrectly specified." What should I do?
This type of error usually indicates that either you do not have an entry for your database in the tnsnames.ora file or there is a problem with the file itself. Review your tnsnames.ora file and ensure there are no syntax errors; also look for any stray characters or unmatched parentheses in the file. It is possible that there are "hidden" characters in the file if it was edited with a program like Microsoft Word. This would render the file useless. If you cannot find any syntax problems with the file, delete it and re-create it using an appropriate editor or the Oracle Net Configuration Assistant.
This was last published in January 2006

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