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Error connecting server to client

In our test environment we have 9.1.2 running on MS Advanced Server. Although the DB is running perfect, we are not able to connect to the DB from our client. Listener is working fine and the TNS entries in the client are perfect, the only problem we have traced (we think) is that the DB character set is Arabic and the client is not of that supported type. When I tried to connect to the DB, I get:

1) TNS Could not resolve Service Name
2) Credential retrieval failed

My question: Does characterset play any role in establishing connectivity from the server to the client? As far as I know, we connect through listener and TNS names.
Your first error indicates that you have a problem in either the tnsnames.ora file (most likely) or in your sqlnet.ora file on your client. When you receive error #1 on the client, do you see any entry in the listener logfile? I would suspect that you do not and, if there's no entry in the listener logfile, then your client is misconfigured.

The second error is probably due to some misconfiguration in the sqlnet.ora file on the server or on your client. I'd probably start by removing the sqlnet.ora file on both server and client since the defaults should work okay for you.

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