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Error configuring billing software application on Oracle9i

After installing Oracle9i, I installed Infranet 6.5, a billing software by Portal. While configuring it, I get this message:

Log for installation started at Tue Jun 8 13:04:58 2004.

User: pin
Password: pin
Host: pindb2
NLS_LANG System variable: American_America.UTF8

Unable to connect to the database (Oracle Error). Please make sure you entered the correct 'user,' 'password' and 'Host' for MAIN_DB in pin_setup.values, and that the NLS_LANG System variable is correct. If NLS_LANG needs to be changed, please reboot your machine after making the change. Then run this install program again."

But I checked user, password and host is correct.

If this application is like most I've seen, Host is really not the hostname, but should be a tnsnames.ora entry. I'd expect that if pindb2 is an entry in the tnsnames.ora on your host and you can use the name pindb2 in sqlplus to connect to that database, then you shouldn't have any issues with the installation. If it's anything else, then you'll need to take it up with the application vendor.

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