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Error accessing 9i on Linux

I've installed Oracle9i in a Linux RH 8.0. And I have Oracle 7.3.4 (on a Solaris system) that I want to access. I create an entry in tnsnames.ora with Oracle 7.3.4 IP and SID but I received TNS-12545 error. When I run TNSping and TRCroute everything is ok.
The Oracle9i networking software cannot connect to Oracle7 databases. The versions are too far apart to work properly together, all the time. I have seen some people get it to work for a short period of time, but only to experience similar frustration in the end. The TNS-12545 error basically means that your information in the TNSNAMES.ORA is not pointing to a valid database as defined on that server's listener. But it wouldn't suprise me to find that your information is correct and it is the version differences that are causing your problems.

One option is to use the Oracle7 to Oracle8i client to connect the database. Another option is to upgrade the Oracle7 database.

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