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Error IMP-00017 after switching user A's schema from prod to dev

I have an export file with user A's schema from production, and I created a new database instance, created new tablespace "data" and assigned that to a new user called user A in "dev". Most objects came through and populated the data tablespace, but every now and then I get an error "IMP-00017: following statement failed with ORACLE error 959." "ORA-00959: tablespace 'XXX' does not exist." Can you shed some light on this?

This is a known issue when trying to import a table that contains LOB segments, which are stored out of line of the table. The out of line LOB segments will be imported into the original tablespace. If that tablespace is not found, then the ORA-959 error is raised. This should be fixed by Oracle Corp. in the future, but there is no known fix date or fix version at this time.

To get around this issue, you have one of two solutions. One, create tablespace 'XXX' and perform the import. When done, move the segments to the appropriate new tablespace and drop tablespace 'XXX'. Two, run import with SHOW=Y and LOG=some_log_file. This will spool out any DDL statements in the import file. You now have the DDL statements required to precreate your tables and LOB segments. Modify this file to create these segments in the appropriate tablespace. Then, run the import again with IGNORE=Y to import the data.

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