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Encrypting data

We have a Java application that places encrypted passwords of ISP users in a password column in the database. The problem is that some of our data in the table is lost and we want to enter that data manually from a text file into that table, and encrypt the password field. Is this possible to do using PL/SQL, trigger? Our Java application is using md3 encryption mechanism.
You'll have to use the same mechanism to encrypt your data. You won't be able to just insert the raw data into the table and then have it be encrypted after the fact. I'm assuming that you are using some sort of encryption routine in your Java application.

If you are using Oracle's DBMS_OBFUSCATION_TOOLKIT package to encrypt your sensitive data, then you can insert the raw data and then simply call the DBMS_OBFUSCATION_TOOLKIT package to perform the encryption. I have a white paper titled, "Encrypting data in the database," on my Web site (http://www.peasland.net), which discusses how to do this. But you'll need to know the encryption keys otherwise you won't be able to unencrypt either.

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