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Encrypt/decrypt causes delays

Our clients travel and they work on their laptop databases. They synchronize their laptops with the main server when they get a chance. Their laptop databases are 2 GB, but because they have sensitive data they encrypt/decrypt on startup/shutdown using Entrust. It is currently set up to encrypt the entire 2 GB database and is very slow. Would it be sufficient to just encrypt the user data tablespace files and the control files?
I would think it should be sufficient to encrypt just the places where the data resides. If all the application data resides in one tablespace (USERS), then you could just encrypt the USERS tablespace datafile(s), the online redo logs (where any DML changes would be logged), the UNDO or ROLLBACK tablespace (where undo from any DML would be stored), and the TEMP tablespace (where the sensitive data may be stored during a sort operation). That may amount to most of the files in the small database, but you shouldn't need to encrypt the control files or the SYSTEM tablespace as they should not contain any sensitive data.

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