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Empty error dialog window from the Database Configuration Assistant after install

I am trying to install an Oracle9i database server on a Pentium 4 (2.8 GHz, 1 GB RAM, 60 GB hard disk) running Windows 2000 (with service pack 4). After the install completes, the Database Configuration Assistant starts, and I get an empty error dialog window, so it can not set up the database. I tried to install the database manually from the startup menu, but I did not succeed. I would greatly appreciate any help you could offer.

You should see an error reported in the installer's logfile or in a logfile generated by the DBCA. I've not seen the symptom you described, so it's impossible for me to provide a diagnosis without some information about the error that occurred. Maybe looking through the logfile information will make it clear what went wrong and what is necessary to fix the problem.

I don't believe there's any support or certification issues with 9i on W2K. You may want to double-check the support matrix on Metalink just to be sure.

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