Dynamic query failing with a single date condition

A reader asks Oracle expert Dan Clamage about a single date condition mucking up a dynamic query.

After a migration, a dynamic query fails if the user introduces only one condition and this condition contains a date (datefield > 'YYMMDD'). If the condition is not a date, the query works. If the condition is a date and the user introduces a second condition, the query works, too. The error message is something like, "Can't get folder." I can't read the SQL code. Could you help me?

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When working with dynamic SQL, it really helps to be able to see the query being generated. I'd write it to dbms_output or utl_file, then examine or even run it from a tool like Toad. Be sure to use bind variables (preceded with a colon) where feasible. Be cautious in your use of implicit type conversions. If you're comparing a date variable or column to a string, perform an explicit conversion on the date, including the date format mask. Lastly, include the century portion of the date string. We didn't suffer through Y2K for nothing!

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