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Duties of senior DBA versus developer

With respect to duties and tasking, what are the responsibilites of the Senior Oracle DBA and the Senior Oracle Developer? I need a third party to help define this so that the developer on site and I can stop argueing about who does what and who's responsible for what.

This may not be the answer you want to hear, but the truth is that there is no fine line on the devision of duties. I think that we can all agree that backup and recovery is a DBA duty and not a developer task. But somewhere along the way, things start to get very fuzzy. There is lots of gray and not so much black and white.

Each organization has their own defining lines. These lines can vary from organization to organization. I've seen some organizations where the DBA has absolutely no say in the schema design. And then there are those organizations where the DBA's input is vital to the schema design. And then there are organizations where the line is drawn in the middle.

In that middle, or gray area, we often get tension from both sides of the equation, the DBAs and the developers. It is up to the organization (read "management") to decide on where the lines are drawn when neither side can agree enough to get the job done.

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