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Dropped network connection using Oracle 7 as database client with Oracle 9i server

I maintain a Gupta 16 bit application that is running on Windows NT. The database's Oracle client is Oracle 7, although in the server it is Oracle 9i. Also, the application interfaces with Attachmate Extra! Version 7, for information scrapping from a mainframe window.

The PCs in our company are being replaced with CPUs running Windows XP. I was unsuccessful making the transition of this system to XP, so as an alternative until we can develop something new, the technician set up the system on a PC with Windows 2000 and the other tools mentioned above. The client started to test the application and it seemed to work fine, but unexpectedly an error message appeared after clicking the save button.

The message is 23114 - Error while trying to retrieve text for error ORA-03113. According to Oracle's expert site the problem is that I am not connected to the database. For some reason, the connection drops when the user clicks the save button as I mentioned before.

It was also mentioned the fetch row setting. I lowered the number on the sql.ini file. I also checked the config.nt to raise the buffers that Windows manages. These did not work because, after a while, the problem reappears.

I think the problem has to do with Windows. We have to use Windows 2000 because the application would not run on XP. Am I missing something?

Oracle 7 clients are not certified for the Oracle 9i database. The most common problem people experience with this combination is dropped network connections, or not being able to connect at all. I would suggest using at least the Oracle 8i client if not the Oracle 9i client to connect to this database.

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