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Does performing an Oracle test install violate any license agreement?

Interested in performing an Oracle test install? Learn whether this violates any license agreement in this Q&A from Oracle licensing expert Scott Rosenberg.

I want to build an 11g SE RAC 2 node cluster just to learn the installation/upgrade process.  I want to do this at my employer and use their servers, etc.  The environment will be completely throw away and never contain any production data.  I have no purchased licenses to perform this build.  Am I allowed to do this with software I can download from Oracle Technology Network without violating a license agreement?  In general, can you do this type of test install with any Oracle product?

Then I plan to take this knowledge of the perfected install/upgrade process and use it to upgrade an existing licensed 10g SE RAC environment.  I’ll actually do the upgrade on our non-production environments first and then production.  Due to the shared nature of RAC, CRS and ASM, I don’t want to disturb our existing licensed environments before the process is perfected.

You can as long as it is not for production and you do not use it for longer than 30 days. Oracle generally allows a trial use of any downloadable product.

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