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Do you need a data warehouse when you have a single dimension?

Dumb question: do you need a data warehouse when you have a single dimension?

The need for a data warehouse is not typically a function of the number of analysis dimensions you anticipate needing to provide to the business community. You should consider other business drivers such as:

  • Being able to provide adhoc information analysis and static operational reporting to the business community without placing demands on their online transaction processing applications.
  • Being able to bring together, in a form that the business understands, information from your suite of operational support systems, financial accounting systems, syndicated data and end-user maintained repositoried.
  • Being able to provide a historical view of business performance and business trends without burdening the operational support systems will maintaining that history.

Also, keep in mind that every historical reporting data repository will need the Time Dimension. If your company has only one dimension for which analysis needs to be performed, you?ll have at least two dimensions, (Time and your business analysis dimension.)

I wish you the best in your efforts.

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