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Do I need new Oracle and Linux licensing to perform Linux testing?

Oracle licensing expert Scott Rosenberg explains the licensing requirements for Oracle and Linux licensing when performing Linux testing in Oracle.

I'm an Oracle DBA at a company where all of my database servers are SUN, running Solaris SPARC Unix. We also have PeopleSoft. I'd like to install some flavor of Linux on a test box with Oracle and Peoplesoft to do some testing and see if we may want to employ Linux-based machines when we upgrade our PeopleSoft applications. What do I need to do with regards to my Oracle and Linux licensing?
This is an excellent question and we will respond in two ways, first under the assumption that no additional hardware will be introduced and that you are currently compliant (owning adequate license quantities and types to cover your usage of Oracle programs) and second, under the assumption that there will be a new test server introduced, but that you are currently compliant.

If you currently have the Oracle licensing rights required to run the programs and will not be introducing a new server for test purposes or new users, you will not need to acquire any new licensing to cover this planned testing phase.

If you currently have the Oracle licensing rights required to run the programs, but will be introducing a new server for these test purposes, you will need to calculate the licensing requirements around this new server for all programs that will be installed on or managing the server. Oracle requires licensing to actual usage quantities or minimum licensing requirements, whichever is greater. Typically test environments end up needing to be licensed at Oracle's standard minimum licensing requirements which can vary by program. Most common minimum licensing requirements are 25 Named User Plus licenses per Processor requiring a license for Database Enterprise Edition or any Options or Managers of Database Enterprise Edition and 10 Named User Plus licenses per Processor requiring license for Internet Application Server Enterprise Edition or WebLogic Server Enterprise Edition or any Options or Managers of WebLogic Server Enterprise Edition.

We had to make certain assumptions, as you can see, but each scenario has a slightly different outcome.

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