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Do I need a license for SQL Developer Data Modeler in Oracle?

Do you use SQL Developer Data Modeler? Learn whether you need a Data Modeler license in this tip from an Oracle expert.

We are planning on using the SQL Developer Data Modeler. Oracle will probably integrate it with SQL Developer, which is free. I cannot find information anywhere in regards to Data Modeler licensing and pricing. Can you help?
Data Modeler is not on the price list as it is part of the "early adopter" program. There is currently no license purchase required for it. However, as with any software vendor, Oracle may and can change license rights or the product itself at any time. Therefore, if you use the Data Modeler, please keep yourself abreast of licensing changes that may occur.

Addendum: Since our initial answer to this question, we located additional information on Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler, which is out of the early adopter program (as of this month) and is generally available. Oracle has provided a pricing guide for the Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler.

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