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Do I buy an extra license for an OAS to Fusion Middleware 11g upgrade?

Learn whether you need to buy an extra license when performing an upgrade from Oracle Application Server (OAS) to Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g for Forms and Reports in this tip from Oracle licensing expert Scott Rosenberg.

Currently we are using Oracle Application Server 10g R2 for Forms and Reports and want to upgrade to Oracle 11g Fusion Middleware for Forms and Reports 11g. Do we need to buy any extra license or can we simply upgrade without any extra license cost as standard upgrade policy?

Presumably, the customer is using IAS EE, which includes Forms and Reports. IAS EE also includes a restricted use license of WebLogic Server Basic. Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g is Oracle’s first release featuring a fully integrated WebLogic Server solution, referred to as the “converged application server”.  The upgrade path is from IAS EE 10g to Fusion Middleware 11g, of which WebLogic Suite is a component. From Miro’s prior research using the Oracle Technology Product Migration Listing dated 11/29/2009, it’s already been established that IAS EE migrates to WebLogic Suite. Further research confirms this is a list-to-list migration. (And, IAS EE is included in WebLogic Suite.)

Thus, the Client must upgrade to Fusion Middleware 11g, paying applicable fees.

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In recent custome discussions with Oracle the whole issue of Oracle Fusion Middleware for existing iASEE clients seems to be more "consfusion" rather than "Fusion" if you will forgive the pun, It seems to be clear now though that customers who have bought internet Application Server Enterprise Edition, get restricted use of the the weblogic platform ( Weblogic Basic) however any features on and above this will force the customer to migrate.

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