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Directories for maintaining connection sockets

I recently recovered Oracle 8.1.7 on a Sun box at a DR site and could not bring up the listener because the restore did not keep the permissions on a directory called /var/tmp/.oracle. After hours we found this directory. This is where the connection sockets are maintained. To save us time in the future do you know of any other Oracle files or directories that may exist in the root file system on any platforms and Oracle versions.
The best answer I can give you here is that Oracle files/directories will be where you (or whoever installed Oracle) put them when Oracle was first installed. You may want to consider keeping (printing out) a copy of the install log created when Oracle is installed so you have a list of those directories etc. Also, if you follow Oracle standards and don't change anything during the initial install, you should be able to get info on where directories are created etc in your operating specific Oracle admin/install guide.

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