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Difference between Oracle Forms and E-Business Suite

I took an Oracle Applications Developer course covering SQL, PL/SQL, Forms 6i and Reports. Most jobs seem to want 11i Applications or E-Business Suite. Are these variations of Oracle Forms?

I took a pretty intense Oracle Applications Developer course several years ago, covering SQL, PL/SQL, Forms 6i and Reports. I've never been successful in landing a job, and most seem to want 11i Applications or E-Business Suite, etc. Are these variations of Oracle Forms? If I know Oracle Forms can I confidently apply to jobs requiring these 11i and E-Business Suite requirements?

Most E-Business Suite (or Oracle Apps) positions will indeed require either full functional or technical knowledge of the application suite. Unfortunately, you cannot confidently apply for an 11i E-Business Suite position without direct E-Business Suite experience. While Forms and Reports development is a definite facet of E-Business Suite development (customization), Forms expertise does not entitle you to be considered an E-Business Suite expert.

However, if a company is looking for Forms development to support an E-Business Suite implementation, you could certainly apply to that. My best advice is to read the job descriptions carefully, but do not assume that knowing Forms entitles you to claim that you know the E-Business Suite. It does not.

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