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Diagnosing performance problems

My database in a two-tier environment has all caches, hit ratios are above 95%, no problems with network bandwidth, etc., but still, the queries that used to take one minute are taking more than 1.5 hours sometimes. What could be the possible cause?

There isn't a "silver bullet" that will solve all performance problems for all databases. It isn't even always possible to diagnose this kind of problem remotely.

Your quickest solution to this problem is to hire a "problem solver" with experience working with the kind of database engine / hardware / industry that you are using. This is expensive, but it is usually orders of magnitude faster than trying to fix the problem yourself if you are starting from an "end user" perspective.

This kind of problem can be solved remotely, but the solution will probably require you to become much more familiar with the internals of your database engine, and invest a lot of time and energy in the solution.

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