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Developing medical college site with access to data

Dear friend, I am really a beginner in databases. I am developing a medical college site in which I want to embed a database such that a person after registering in it will have access to all of the contact data and other searchable data of the persons who are registered in it, like the person`s year of completion, the addres of the person, and so on. Please help me with this type of design. What tools do I need and what do I need to do to see this working in the site?

You can easily set up this kind of database using many different kinds of tools. A lot will depend on where you plan to host your Web site, or more precisely what tools they have available. This would be easy to do with MS-SQL, DB2, or Oracle. If the database is small enough and there won't be many concurrent users, it could even be done using Jet (the native database behind Microsoft Access).

The web delivery tools will affect your design choices too. Once you find out what your host will support, you need to become familiar with the design tools that you can use. Microsoft's IIS is probably the most common delivery agent, although Cold Fusion and Perl/CGI are also quite popular.

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