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Developer needs help installing Oracle8i

I am a developer trying to install Oracle8i to test some software. First, is it necessary to be on a domain? We are only on a workgroup. Second, I have finished installing Oracle however I can't log in to Enterprise Manager Console. The default password sysman/oem_temp does not work. Basically, I just want to create another user and add a tablespace. I could really use some direction.
It sounds like you're on the right track -- good job getting as far as you did!

Windows servers do not have to be part of any domain or even be on a network in order to run Oracle. A workgroup should work fine. Technically, not all Windows releases are supported with Oracle8i, so if you have problems on an unsupported release, it might be the case that it just won't work.

If your installation went fine and you didn't encounter any errors, then you should be able to login to OEM. Normally, the default installation will not install an OEM Management Server and you'll have to use DBA Studio to connect directly to a database. The default password for the SYSTEM account in the database is manager. Even in isolated development environments, I'd strongly recommend changing the default passwords. The best reasoning I can provide for that recommendation is that it will help establish and maintain good habits in all environments even if this environment isn't "important enough" to worry about it.

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