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Determining the problem from the error message

I have the problem (ora-6532) and the solution was to increase the varray to 900. My question is how do you know what was the problem?

This is actually pretty easy. The ORA-6532 error message says it all. With this error message, you can do a few things to get more information. One, you can look up the error message on Metalink, two you can look up the error message on Technet, or three, you can use the OERR utility to display more information. I use the third since it is a command line utility in my Oracle installation. This utility takes two parameters, the prefix string and the message number. In your case, the prefix string is 'ORA' and the message number is '6532'. Look what happens when I use this utility on my Unix machine:

edcsns14 ora9i% oerr ora 6532
06532, 00000, "Subscript outside of limit"
// *Cause:  A subscript was greater than the limit of
a varray
//          or non-positive for a varray or nested
// *Action: Check the program logic and increase the
varray limit
//          if necessary.
See, the Action part told me to increase the VARRAY limit! It wasn't rocket science.

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